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Pharmacy Operations 

Optimize pharmacy operations with tailored support, including layout design, revenue enhancement, clinical services, billing practices, team assessments, process mapping, and credentialing assistance.


Operational Support

Are you looking to revamp your pharmacy layout and design for better workflow efficiency?

Need to identify new revenue streams or ways to improve cash flow?

Perhaps you're eager to expand your clinical services but unsure of the options permitted by your state regulations.

Our comprehensive services include PVA review and market positioning, ensuring your pharmacy stands out amidst competitors.

We also offer billing and claims practices review to maximize reimbursements. With DISC assessments for up to 15 team members and insightful readouts, we can enhance team dynamics and productivity.

Plus, our PharmaComplete Support provides 30 days of dedicated assistance post-assessment, offering up to 10 hours of tailored support to optimize your pharmacy's operations and profitability.

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Operational Assessments

Process Mapping 



Our Story

Founded by experienced pharmacy professionals, PharmaComplete empowers businesses to differentiate and grow by offering a full range of services tailored to the needs of the pharmacy industry, with deep experience in community, long-term care, and medical-at-home pharmacies of all sizes.

Our team can help improve productivity, drive efficiencies, and implement innovative solutions. We engage with our partners in a meaningful way, producing results that will allow their business to excel in a challenging space. 

We support clients from start-ups to the largest pharmacies and organizations in the industry through a broad scope of services, deep knowledge base, and partnering with talented industry specialists. 


Identifying all pertinent issues and factors of issues.

Facilitating meaningful public participation and review.

Facilitating meaningful public participation and review.

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Assessment, Analysis, Recommendations, Implementation.

We pride ourselves on our systematic approach to enhancing pharmacy operations and profitability. Through a blend of expertise, innovation, and personalized service, we tailor our strategies to meet the unique needs of your pharmacy.

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Pharmacy Operations
Tailored solutions to support pharmacy operations.

Optimize pharmacy operations with tailored support, including layout design, revenue enhancement, clinical services, billing practices, team assessments, process mapping, and credentialing assistance.

Pharmacy Startup
Pharmacy Startup/Expansion
Customizable solutions ranging from basic project management support to full turn-key solutions.

Comprehensive support throughout every stage of your pharmacy build, ensuring a seamless and successful project.

Business Development
Business Development
Comprehensive Business Development services tailored to your pharmacy.

Pharmacies expanding market share face unique challenges, requiring adaptation and strategic planning for sustainable growth.

Meet our Team

Empowering pharmacies to thrive, one tailored solution at a time, with a team dedicated to your success.

Paul Shelton
Leanne Haley-Brown, BS RPh
Vice President of Business Development & Clinical Services
Steven part 2
Steven Cava
Vice President Corporate Compliance & General Counsel
Roupen Berberian
Vice President Operations and Logistics
Kelly Knight
Kelly Knight
Director fo Regulatory Affairs
Carly Cox
Chief of Staff, Director of Instructional Design/Technology


Paul, Steven and the entire PharmaCompelte team have been an invaluable resource to Centennial, providing unique approach, support and direction for many of our projects—their knowledge of the pharmacy and overall health care industry in unparalleled. I'm always impressed with the immersive and collaborative support they provide and their ability to simplify complex projects. 

My teams's biggest fear when they here "consultants" is change, but Paul and team truly go above and beyond to understand your business so that their solutions meet both immediate needs and long-term goals while comforting potential team opposition and causing as little disruptions as possible. 

On a personal level, I often find myself sending over a "what are your thoughts on this..." email, which turns into conversations that challenge my ways of thinking and my approach on how to lead a pharmacy in today's health care world.  PharmacComplete's contribution to Centennials's future successes, in my opinion, is monumental. I consider myself privileged to have PharmaComplete on my team! 

Lindsay Dymowski Constantino
Co-Founder/President, Centennial Pharmacy Services

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